Spring Summer 2019

The essence of Sulakshana Monga’s couture house is perpetual storytelling. Our patrons are poised, distinctive and unconventional in their taste - yet seek a sense of modesty in their approach to luxury. Often, a keen eye for Indian textiles and an admiration for simplicity is an unmistakable fusion in contemporary high fashion.

Each ensemble embodies the offerings of timeless Rajasthan - it is after all, where Sulakshana Monga herself hails from. It's delicate miniature paintings, wondrous architecture, and astounding tales of royalty were a fitting source of inspiration for the collection. The modern bride is a formidable character, with beauty - she dictates substance. The collection dotes on intricate Jaalis and Jharokhas; opulent Havelis; fragrant blooms; and the enchantment of the desert. The hues are frequently subtle pastel - but saturated and bright at times to accommodate choice.

Spring Summer 2019

Sulakshana Monga Bridal Spring Summer'19 recalls the romancing with the idea of old European fashion and tapping into the rich cultural legacy of India the designer embeds threads of innovation, bridging gaps between modern and conventional.

Brands creativity has driven by the use of traditional handwork, luxurious textiles, bold cuts, and painterly patterns. While art is eternal and fashion ephemeral, blending the two always results in playful, eclectic creations by the curator.